The last days of Aymargeddon

This is the homepage of the game "The last days of Aymargeddon". The game is still under development. It will be a multi-player-browser-game and it is a successor of the Pbem Ragnarök .

The next Beta-Test will start in the beginning of june.

You can participate if you are willing to help in the development with your bug reports. In this case please subscribe to the mailinglist (see below).

Unfortunatly the Rules are in german only in the moment, sorry).

You have read-access to the sourcecode via Gnu Arch.

Archiv coordinates:

 project: aymargeddon--main--0.2

Aymargeddon is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Warning: MS-IE-Explorer cant display transparent png's, therefore this program cant be used to play this game. In the moment the best browser for playing Aymargeddon is one derived from Mozilla (Netscape, Firefox, ...).

If you are interested in the game you should subscribe to the mailinglist. Please send a mail to
with the following content:
subscribe ragnaroek
If you want to get rid of the mails you send
unsubscribe ragnaroek

A Screenshot of the last game:
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