no more dangerous logging of passwords...
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2012-09-22 Aymargeddon Teamno more dangerous logging of passwords...
2012-09-19 Benni Bärmannanother $escmode, mobcount-bug, TODO-Editing
2012-09-19 Benni Bärmannbug in field.epl fixed: printing out mobs now
2012-09-19 Benni Bärmannfixed bug: missing $escmode in field.epl
2012-09-18 Benni Bärmannfixed bug in player.epl, looks like now we can choose...
2012-08-26 Aymargeddon Teamadditional symlink cleanup
2012-08-26 Aymargeddon Teamsymlink cleanup
2012-08-26 Aymargeddon TeamInitial Import from the old project.